We help you achieve your stated business goals and facilitates its optimal implementation.

Layam Staffing founded by a manufacturing veteran who was not satisfied by his experience with the traditional staffing services that didn’t understand “his world”. Layam Staffing, having a Pan India presence and having more than 1500 associates on assignment, is the first and the largest national staffing company specialized in manufacturing.

We Work For You

  • Layam Staffing believes that you are what make us and our clients successful.
  • So we work smart to provide you with the best employment opportunities available.
  • Our recruiters have an extensive knowledge in manufacturing as well as established relationships with the top manufacturers in your area. They are specialists making a good match.

Our Focus

  • Production
  • Quality
  • Maintenance
  • Materials management
  • Supervision

Commitment to Safety

  • Developing and implementing risk management policies and procedures.
  • Conducting continuing education and training for our staff in the area of risk management.
  • Practicing proper selection and partnering with our clients to eliminate employee exposure to injury and illness.

Employer FAQ

1. How do we get your candidates?

Layam Flexi employs several recruiting strategies. We have a referral system that rewards our field employees for referring qualified candidates. We attend and conduct job fairs and maintain strong working relationships with local government and employment services. We are also very active and visible on multiple job boards.

2. Do all candidates go through your screening process?

Yes. The process includes extensive use of Layam Flexi many proprietary screening tools and processes developed by manufacturers and for manufacturers. Each Layam Flexi office follows Standard Operating Procedures related to screening to ensure high quality, consistent quality and service.

3. Do you place your employees only in manufacturing jobs?

Yes. Layam Flexi entire focus is on the manufacturing industry and manufacturing employees. We believe focus and specialization are the keys to success.

4. How long before I can bring Layam Flexi employees onto my payroll?

Since each client’s situation is unique, time is negotiated when the order is placed. Direct hire and Quick Hire are also excellent options.


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